A Precious Gift

“Christian Rockers Online CD Review-Phy-Turs 4 Christ "Put Your Foot Down" Gospel Hip Hop 9-Tracks Release Date- Out Now Rating- 8.99 by C.W. Ross This release features a very nice urban sound that is achieved through a mixing of Gospel and Hip Hop styles of music. The songs come to life with killer bass beats that will have you stereo speaker's woofers thumping with delight. Several of the song's lyrics found on the CD have a gritty edge to them. The CD is also filled with song's that offer hope for when times are tough and your searching for answers with song titles like: "The Lamb Of God," "Never Give Up, and "My God Wins The Battles." I'm a Rock 'n' Roller at heart but I kept finding my head bobbing along in rhythm with the song beats. If you're looking to experience some good urban music then you need to get yourself this release.”

C. W. Ross - Christian Music Review